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In 2013 we developed a design competition while in school that focused on creating new thought provoking solutions to help mitigate the growing homelessness problem within Hawaiian Islands. We found that the majority of individuals living on Oahu live well below the medium level and struggle to support themselves. This led to many of these individuals, being considered what is called “working homeless”. Having jobs but unable to afford the cost of living. We wanted to use the broad design community to think of low cost solutions to provide transitional housing for these individuals until more permanent solutions could be developed. This competition we received outstanding solutions that can be viewed on our website. Since that time the City and County of Oahu has caught fire when it comes to addressing this growing need, and have taken major steps to correct this issue.

Since that time our team graduated and went out separate ways. In the last couple years we have discussed creating a non-profit around the concept we developed while in school. To partner with local groups across the world to identify their individual design needs and develop design competition with local designers to help come up with creative solutions. Essentially creating crowd-sourced design but having local designers who know the area, climate, and conditions the best. These design solutions will all be hosted on our website for other areas to pull from. Creating a larger database of design solutions.

Want to support our cause? Follow the link to our gofundme!


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